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“I’ve always thought of myself as a ‘vintage girl’ because I take so much influence from the past,” Blu DeTiger tells Apple Music about the spark for her upbeat new single. The New York City singer-songwriter says she’s inspired by ’70s disco and funk, classic house and techno, jazz standards, and every era of pop. “I want someone to match my vibe,” she says. “I want a vintage boy.” The tongue-in-cheek pop tune flips traditional gender roles, with DeTiger calling out for a guy to be her arm candy rather than the other way around. “I’m singing about needing a boy—not to take me out on the town or make me feel special, but to be an accessory to my outfit, to my already sparkling persona,” she says. “The girl is still the main character.” Have a listen and add Superbloom to your library to stay up on the songs and artists shaping the future of music.

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