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21 Secrets : For Friends Only

21 Secrets : For Friends Only

21 Secrets : For Friends Only

GAMES ∙ 2017

AppendiQs Inc

"The Best Bonding Game Ever" - UH Cougar Journal

21 Secrets is a game for all new friends and old buddies hanging out. Taboo and HeadsUp is cool but seriously, you got to try 21 Secrets to understand what real fun is.

It's mad exhilarating!

It's like 21 Questions but much much better!

If you desire to find the coolest and craziest interesting facts about the people you spend your time with, 21 Secrets is the only way to go!

P.S: None of the secrets or cool facts entered into the app is stored, not even on the phone. Once you hit start afresh, everything is erased

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