ADEMA Hockey

!!! Please note that currently only S3 and X3 bikes are supported.

Moofer allows you to access previously inaccessible features of VanMoof bikes.

Previously inaccessible:
- Region / max. speed selection including offroad mode
- Assist mode 5
- Manual shifting
- Hidden bell sound(s)
- IFTTT support
- AI-calculated estimated range
- Alarm Alert
- Charge Alert
- AI-driven adaptive assist level based on speed- Speedometer
- Dashboard including speed-o-meter, current gear, estimated range left, battery percentage, and a clock
- Jukebox
- Full English, Dutch, German and French translations
- Full light and dark mode

This app makes certain features of the bike accessible which may be illegal to use in certain jurisdictions. It’s the rider’s responsibility to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Check the feature roadmap, privacy policy, terms of service, and contact info on the official Moofer website.

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