Aionda CalendarShare

Aionda CalendarShare

Aionda CalendarShare


Aionda GmbH

CalendarShare by Aionda GmbH helps you to find appointments together. Simply export your available, occupied, or both time slots and send them to others either as text or in iCalendar format (ICS). In addition, CalendarShare comes with some free helper tools. With these tools, you can get all technical information about your calendars and delete events by their event IDs.

The main features of CalendarShare at a glance:
- Definition of a time period, which will be scanned for time slots
- Specifying a working time to restrict the time period
- Selection of calendars which will be scanned
- Further restriction by including and excluding specific days
- Protect privacy by specifying the detail-level of events
- Export available, occupied, or both time slots
- Export as TXT file or ICS file
- Copy to clipboard as text or ICS file
- Extracting technical information from your calendars
- Deleting events by their event IDs

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