Spring Seduction

Spring Seduction

BOOK ∙ 2021

Elizabeth Lennox

She definitely wasn’t in the mood to deal with a man! 
Jade DeSantis could ignore the intense attraction for the handsome Detective Simon Kershaw!  Yes, she could do it.  She’d moved to Wyoming to start a new life!  Unfortunately, the guy kept coming around.  Granted, he had a mystery to solve, but…with each visit from the overly muscular, shockingly attractive detective, he was shattering those newly minted vows? 
Detective Simon Kershaw thought that the gorgeous woman shooting a BB gun at a spider was…fascinating.  Crazy, but entrancing!  The attraction was obviously there and very much mutual.  So what was stopping the beautiful woman from enjoying the sparks that flew around them like fireworks every time they looked at each other? 
Was there some way to convince Jade to take a chance?  Or had someone hurt her so deeply that she was a lost cause?  

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