Black Buck

Black Buck


Mateo Askaripour

Taking on race, class, and the definition of success, Mateo Askaripour’s satirical novel is both hilarious and dead-on. Everyone’s pushing 22-year-old former valedictorian Darren to want more. His mom, girlfriend, and Bed-Stuy neighbors all think he’s better than his Starbucks job, but Darren doesn’t much care—at least until he meets Rhett Daniels, the charismatic CEO of a booming Manhattan tech start-up. Rhett makes Darren his protégé—and his only Black employee. As Darren skyrockets to the top of the sales department, he awkwardly accepts his new co-workers’ highly problematic nickname for him (“Buck”) and endures the unthinking racism of people who say “I don’t see color.” Zeno Robinson’s lively narration conveys all the intense energy of this strange, prescient story. If you enjoyed Boots Riley’s landmark film Sorry to Bother You, you’ll love hearing about Darren’s poisonous experiences with overnight success.


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