Golden Fall 2

Golden Fall 2

Golden Fall 2

GAMES ∙ 2021

Ofer Rubinstein

Golden Fall 2 is a single character dungeon crawl RPG focused on exploration of an engaging and diverse world.

Simultaneous Turn-based Combat
Combat follows a simultaneous turn-based system inspired by roguelikes, but the game's environments are lovingly hand-crafted to provide interesting challenges and rewarding exploration to the player.

Deep Character System
A deep character system allows players to become mighty warriors, powerful wizards or balanced hybrids, with dozens of weapons, armors, skills and magic spells to choose from.

Acquire Treasure, Experience and Equipment
In Golden Fall 2, you play as a young man thrown into ancient sewers. Initially finding yourself without a weapon, you must delve deeper and explore the depths for treasure and experience before you can return to the surface.

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