BOOK ∙ 2021

Jessie Stephens

In this stunning work of narrative nonfiction, Australian writer and podcaster Jessie Stephens superbly documents three true stories of love and loss. Following Ana, Claire and Patrick (not their real names) through their most intimate relationships, Stephens explores what people imagine a perfect relationship to be, and how the dream isn’t always in harmony with the messy kind of love found in the real world. Skilfully guiding us along three separate timelines, Stephens is especially deft at foregrounding the small but telling details of daily life, using them to remind us that these are real people, imperfect like the rest of us. Designed to bring catharsis to the broken-hearted, Heartsick is an absorbing book, rich with empathy and insight. It’s no surprise that it’s earning praise from the likes of Trent Dalton and Richard Glover.

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