NoooTE - Notes Organizer

NoooTE - Notes Organizer

NoooTE - Notes Organizer


Nesrin Gozoglu

Add notes, to-do lists, voice, location, calendar, habit tracklists, photos, and drawings to organize.

Easy fast search.

Easy fast user-friendly edit.

Capture your notes/ideas as searchable.

Keep diary/journal of the events.

Use the camera to take notes effortlessly.

Sync your data across your iPhone, iPad, and MacBook.

Find your notes fast with a powerful search.

Plan your calendar with reminders.

Make your to-do list daily, weekly, and monthly.

Organize and keep track of every minute of your activities.

Label and color your photos to easily find.

Time-based reminders for planning your activities.

Your notes always within reach across your devices.

Build good habits and reach your goals while organizing your day.

Get statistics of your habit tracking results.

Permission Notice:

Your camera, microphone, location data will be saved to your local storage and to your iCloud account (if you want to use it).

Download on the Mac App Store 


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