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Sourcery Pro

Sourcery Pro

Sourcery Pro


Krzysztof Zablocki

Sourcery Pro has powerful editor for Sourcery templates and adds Xcode Extension that allows you to create live templates for your workflows:

- Create mock implementation from a selected protocol
- Add Codable support to enums with associated values
- Generate SwiftUI view from a struct
- Create Prisms and Lenses for your data

The app comes bundled with over 10 different templates to get you started, but with powerful editor that has inline documentation and completion for Sourcery you can write your own templates with ease.

Sourcery is used in over 40 000 native apps, including products like Airbnb, Bumble and The New York Times. Sourcery Pro not only makes writing Sourcery templates much simpler than it used to be, but it enables completely new workflows that aren't possible with standard integration.

Download on the Mac App Store 


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