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Stromhall: Onyon

Stromhall: Onyon

Stromhall: Onyon

GAMES ∙ 2021

Jens Wuerfel

My fellow townspeople,

it's done: Meirion finally managed to deconstruct Onya Kruger's famous puzzle machine, move its segments from her workshop to the park and rebuild it at the lake pavilion.
So I could not be happier to announce that starting today, the "ONYON" will join the public attractions of our village, and every single one of you can take the chance to accept the challenge, solve the puzzles and unlock the secrets and mysteries that Onya may (or may not) have hidden inside – just as she had explicitly specified in her will.

For those of you who never encountered an ONYON before, here is a short introduction to Onya Kruger’s notorious creation: an ONYON is a logical puzzle.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to correctly place a variety of circular puzzle chips called „tesserae“ into their correct target slots.
To enable you to fulfill this task, you will be provided with a very limited, but absolutely sufficient number of visual clues; some of them speak for themselves, others might require a little more exploration and interpretation of yours in order to understand their message.
Hence it is essential for you to watch really (!) closely, for some of these clues might contain much more information than you notice at first glance!
For your convenience, the ONYON pods feature markers which illustrate how easy or difficult it is going to be for you to solve each and every ONYON; easier ONYONs carry only one marker, the toughest ones have no less than four of them!
And rest assured: there is only one right solution to every ONYON.

There is one cordial request from Meirion, though, which he asked me to forward to all of you, and which I am urging you to respect: please refrain from besieging his workshop and pressing him for the solutions, because our mastermind of mechanic arts swore to me that he simply does not know them; first of all he had always far less indulged in solving puzzles rather than in constructing them, and second, while he had constructed the apparatus, it was our unforgettable "Queen of Logicals" Onya Kruger herself and alone who created and programmed the twenty-five ONYONs into it.

As always, all proceedings from playing the „ONYON“ (minus a handling fee) will go to the artists involved, so make sure to support your local geniuses by buying in and spreading the word!

Oh, and by the way: if you prefer to dip a TOE into the water first and try a couple of ONYONs before spending your bucks for the whole enterprise, there is another version around here that allows you to do so, too.

My fellow townspeople, while most of us in our village continue to feel the weight of last year's events just as people certainly do all over the world, I am confident that brighter days are already en route to all of us. Thus I leave you today full of optimism, hope and joy; may Onya's legacy as well as Meirion's inexhaustible creativity and craftsmanship provide all of us with some highly entertaining and braintickling hours.

Be seeing you!

Jensen Q. Lemmyn, Mayor

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