The Bookstore on the Beach

The Bookstore on the Beach

BOOK ∙ 2021

Brenda Novak

With more than 60 novels to her name, Brenda Novak knows her way around a juicy family drama, and her latest delivers exactly that. Still reeling from her husband’s sudden disappearance more than a year ago, Autumn brings her two teenage children to stay with her mother in her seaside hometown. This homecoming sets the stage for the rekindling of a high-school romance and the slow reveal of a devastating, long-held secret—not to mention a slew of other great twists. As Novak’s relatable cast of characters fall in love and navigate a range of serious issues, including teen pregnancy and PTSD, she presents their stories with an abundance of heart and humor. The Bookstore on the Beach is an escapist treat with emotional heft.

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