The Code Breaker (Unabridged)

The Code Breaker (Unabridged)


Walter Isaacson

The race to create a coronavirus vaccine rocketed us into a new era of DNA research—and veteran journalist and best-selling author Walter Isaacson is here to break it all down. He draws a fascinating history of genetic exploration, from Darwin’s theory of evolution and Jennifer Doudna’s Nobel-winning DNA-editing tool CRISPR to the race to quash the COVID-19 pandemic. We were blown away by the detailed breakdown of how Doudna’s breakthroughs with the human genome became the linchpin in developing the coronavirus vaccines. Isaacson also explores how the questions raised by cutting-edge genetic-editing research have caught up with science fiction. After all, the same technology that could save millions from AIDS or sickle cell anemia could also open the door to parents “designing” their children. Isaacson sets the scene by narrating the book’s introduction; then audiobook veteran Kathe Mazur takes over, investing Doudna’s story with a sense of urgency that gives it an almost thriller-like intensity. Code Breaker is a great listen that offers a vision of the future that’s awe-inspiring—and a little bit scary.

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