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The Good Sister

The Good Sister

BOOK ∙ 2021

Sally Hepworth

We all make sacrifices for our loved ones, but the twins in this razor-sharp thriller take things up several notches. When Rose and Fern were young, Rose was always the protector—up to and including helping Fern cover up a shocking accident. Nothing has ever come between the sisters, but when clearheaded interior designer Rose can’t conceive and neurotic librarian Fern volunteers to carry her sister’s baby, once-buried secrets from their less-than-idyllic childhood start to tear their relationship apart. Sally Hepworth makes the dynamic between Fern and Rose feel lived-in and realistic, even as one wild twist after another threatens to turn everything about their world upside down. If you enjoy the heady psychological twists and creepy thrills of Gillian Flynn or Paula Hawkins, you’ll love The Good Sister

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