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Time Cube - Color Coded Timer

Time Cube - Color Coded Timer

Time Cube - Color Coded Timer


Wise Tech Labs Private Limited

Time Cube is a stress-free color based timer for individuals, teams, event organizers and trainers.

Time Cube uses cognitive science with human peripheral vision to show remaining time, stress-free. Right on your Mac's desktop.

You might think a glowing Time Cube is a new, fancy and cool way to show time and keep track by Timers. It surely is, but the strength of Time Cube lies much deeper and is rooted in how our vision works.

Our human brain recognizes colors first. Time Cube plants the seed of gentle time awareness directly in the sub-conscious while you focus 100% on the meetings and its participants. It's actually how our vision works.

Time Cube changes colors as follows:

GREEN color cube indicates you have just started and A lot of time is left.

YELLOW color indicates that Half or less time is left.

RED color indicates 85% of the time is passed, time is running short and its time to wrap up!

Blinking RED / GREY indicates that time is up!

Time Cube sits on top of your other apps to mindfully remind you of time remaining. We're using science of human vision.

Time Cube comes with a Desktop Controller where you get to control time and set the timers before your meeting or timed session starts.

Time Cube was designed and developed to improve focus while in meetings, presentations and trainings within the business context. But it can be used in many different ways.

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