Winning the War in Your Mind

Winning the War in Your Mind


Craig Groeschel

Whether you’re struggling with anxiety, self-doubt, or just feeling stuck, pastor and podcast host Craig Groeschel wants to help change your life through the power of faith. Groeschel’s book combines Bible passages and up-to-date scientific research and describes how a committed regimen of discipline and prayer can reframe self-destructive negative thoughts. Groeschel’s writing is dynamic and descriptive, comparing this “battle for our minds” to a thumb war and sharing anecdotes like how his wife’s faulty eyeglass prescription made her everyday life much harder than it needed to be. We also appreciated how each insightful chapter ends with helpful journaling or mindfulness exercises. Groeschel’s warm but authoritative narration draws on the words of Jesus to make his points. If you’re ready to start the journey toward renewed joy and fulfillment, Winning the War in Your Mind is the perfect guidebook.

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