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Anticipation is designed to make it simple and convenient to keep track of important upcoming events.

Whether tracking one time dates such as weddings, due dates, or graduations or tracking dates that repeat annually such as holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays, Anticipation makes it easy to see exactly how many days are left until the event.

Adding events is easy with the simple addition screen. There are only four fields: an event name field, a date picker, a switch indicating if the event repeats annually, and a switch indicating if the event age should be shown.

Events can be edited by clicking on the event name in the main list and deleted either by using a swipe delete on the main list or by clicking the trash can toolbar button on the editing screen.

Dates in the past may be tracked as well, by choosing a date in the past and setting the Repeats Annually switch to Off.

The main list of events is sorted with the soonest dates at the top, including dates in the past. Each event displays its name, the event age in parenthesis (if enabled), and the number of days left.

Version 1.1 added the ability to optionally track an event's age, so you'll no longer have to remember how old your brother is going to be next year or how many years you've been married; just turn on the Show Event Age option. This option is enabled when you turn on the Repeats Annually option and calculates the age from the date you enter when creating the event.

Version 2.0 added iPad support, iCloud support, and updated graphics for retina displays.

Version 3.0 is a major update that includes speed increases, support for reminder notifications, adjustable list text size, support for iOS 8 UI, and support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Version 4.0 adds support for iOS 14.5, larger screens, and dark mode.

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