Bia: An Upside Down World

Bia: An Upside Down World

MOVIE ∙ DRAMA ∙ 2021

What would happen if everything were turned upside down? In this alternate world, our characters are the opposite of their usual selves. The ambitious Bia and the gallant Manuel will have a tempestuous relationship, with Alex relegated to the sidelines in their game of seduction. Pixie, the hateful and stunning owner of Laix, decides to buy the Fundom and merge it with her network. This comes as a shock to everyone. Now the Fundom regulars are forced to live with the stars at Laix. But the great conflict erupts when Pixie announces a concert to inaugurate this new era. This will generate intrigue and conflicts, especially between Bia and Helena, who in this upside down universe are divas and rivals fighting to be the headliner in the final show. Some flashing lights sequences or patterns may affect photosensitive viewers.

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