BWP - Bear Walking Pal ʕ·.· ʔ

BWP - Bear Walking Pal ʕ·.· ʔ

BWP - Bear Walking Pal ʕ·.· ʔ


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Shall we walk together?

Let's challenge to walk 10,000 steps a day with a Try 10,000 steps a day with Tom.
Steady walking exercise is a good medicine for body and mind.
If you keep walking with Tom, you may walk a round of world sometime!

*This app uses the HealthKit and health data for integrate with the Health app

* How to walk with a proper posture
1. Strengthen your chest, back and shoulders
2. Tuck your chin and look to the front.
3. Walk just like pushing the ground by your feet, keeping your legs like the shape of 11. and make your feet touch the ground in the order of your heel; sole; big toe.
4. Swing your arms forth and back lightly keeping them close to your body

* Effects of walking
Vitamin D which is good for immune system is made by sunlight in your skin when you walk. Moreover steady walking reduce the risk of heart disease and help you control your stress and depression.

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