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Set your creativity free and become a screenwriter! FiveActs helps you compose your next story or play and will become an indispensable companion on your writing journey. FiveActs supports you through every step of the writing process, from developing an initial idea to completing the final touches on your finished screenplay.
FiveActs is suited for users of all levels, lending guidance and support to beginners while also providing professional users with everything they expect from a screenwriting app. FiveActs' advanced features range from brainstorming assistance to auto-formatting and revision management for screen and stage play scripts. What story are you going to tell? Get started today!

Turn ideas into stories - characters, places, sociograms and more
FiveActs comes with innovative features and powerful tools to help you gather ideas and compose an initial draft. Use FiveActs' Idea Cards to turn scattered ideas into a storyline. Arrange your Idea Cards loosely or around a timeline – managing your ideas and writing stories has never been easier! FiveActs offers useful tools to help you keep track of everything – Characters, Places, Ideas, Notes and even Sociograms to track your character's relationships.

Compatibility and export

Once your script is finished, you'll likely want to share it. FiveActs supports all common standards, allowing you to print and import/export your script from or into other applications. FiveActs is fully compatible with Fountain documents and also lets you import and export FinalDraft documents. The revision management feature lets you track changes in your screenplay, so if you add changes once you've shared your script with the actors, you'll only have to re-print those pages containing changes.

FiveActs in a Nutshell
• Write Screenplays and Stageplays
• Automatically maintain standard script formatting structure 
• Visualize and organize characters, places, props, and more
• Use sociograms to display relationships
• Idea collections to turn thoughts into stories
• Lots of reports and summaries

• Suited for pros and beginners alike
• Intuitive revision management
• Import & Export (Fountain, FinalDraft), and Print
• Native Mac app, fully localized, Dark & Light Mode

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