Prof Bunsen Teaches Math K

Prof Bunsen Teaches Math K

Prof Bunsen Teaches Math K

∙ 2021

The Prodigy Factory, Inc. 

This product contains an entire YEAR of home school lessons (36 weeks).

Created for home school, private schools, charter and public schools by real math teachers, 'Professor Bunsen Teaches Math Kindergarten' revolutionizes math education with a full school year of gamified, AI assisted math lessons. 'Professor Bunsen Teaches Math K' is not just a game, it is a real education product!

For ages 3 to 6. See additional products for higher grades.

Studies have shown time and time again that when learning is fun, students retain the material better. The human brain loves to learn by having fun! Each game teaches a different aspect of Mathematics.

Professor Bunsen Teaches Math(TM) K (Kindergarten) combines smart gaming and interactive math lessons in a series of grade appropriate products. Each grade level contains a full 36 weeks of smart, game supported lessons. Use Professor Bunsen Teaches Math(TM) K as a supplement/reward with traditional learning, or in some cases as a substitute for traditional methods.

SAFETY, SECURITY, and IDENTITY PROTECTION are designed in! No online data collection, No Subscription, No upselling! You buy it, you own it!

Lowest cost of ownership! Best product!

Professor Bunsen Teaches Math(TM) K (Kindergarten) Includes:

-36 Weeks of Gamified Math Lessons
-5 AI Assisted Games
-Endless Runner
-Endless Faller
-Animated Abacus
-Falling Objects
-36 Weeks of Gamified Quizzes
-Trophy Room
-Digital Stickers
-Progress Report
-Supports Profiles for Multiple Family Members
-Kid Tested and Parent Approved!
-AND Professor Bunsen to Help Your Student Along the Way!

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