Serena's Silence

Serena's Silence

BOOK ∙ 2021

Brooke Stanton 

A tragedy took her voice. He's heartbroken and damaged. Can his wounds be healed in time to break her silence?

From an RWA award-winning and #1 bestselling author, jilted at the altar, widower Alex Randall runs from his heartbreak. Looking for a fresh start away from the painful memories of two lost loves, he chooses farm life in the Oklahoma territory as his escape from reality.

Along comes Freddie Belle – a seasoned farmhand from up north who Alex hires to help him with the ranch. What Alex doesn't see coming is Freddie's beautiful and mute sister.

Serena, a haunted young woman, lost her voice two months prior. No one knows exactly what happened on that tragic night that took her voice. Not even her sworn protector, Freddie.

There's a reason why some things are better kept secret.

As Freddie and Serena's farm stay turns from days into months, Alex's affection for Serena grows fonder. He's reluctant to embrace his feelings, yet inexplicably drawn to her. They're two lost souls searching for true love after surviving the worst traumas of their lives…

But as the mystery of why Serena suddenly went silent unfolds, Alex fears he'll lose more than his heart. He could lose everything he holds dear.

How much will he sacrifice for the woman who taught him to love again?

Read Serena's passionate romance "with some really cool twists" now!

Publisher's Note: The series is connected through characters, but each book in the series can be read as a stand-alone.


"Great read. I loved this series." -Mary, Goodreads review

"This is the 5th installment of the series and I seriously think it is my favorite. Brooke Stanton has the ability to combine Heat with Heart and Serena's Silence is just that." -Vivi, 5-star Amazon review

"The characters were so wonderfully created. I remained totally engaged throughout the entire book!" -Pat, Bookbub review

"Loved it!" -Sarah, 5-star Amazon review

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