Depot - 3D Model Library

Depot - 3D Model Library

Depot - 3D Model Library


Eric Anderson 

Welcome to Depot, the library manager for 3D model objects designed exclusively for macOS!

I bet you have STL files, USDZ, GCode, READMEs, and all kinds of files all over your Mac, just waiting to be organized so you don't lose them. Downloading fun stuff from Thingiverse? Yep, toss 'em in to Depot, and you will never lose them again!

Did a cool 3D print, and had to tweak the slicer settings? Capture those in Depot's Events, so you never forget what you tried, what worked, and what didn't.

Other features include:
- Organize all the related files into Projects
- Organize all those Projects into collections
- Capture details and descriptions in Markdown format
- Built-in markdown quick guide.. because I can never remember the super simple syntax.
- Track events of nearly any kind per Project, with markdown available for capturing the details.
- Preview 3D objects in real-time, right within Depot
- Grab snapshots of 3D objects and save in your Project for reference
- Use any image in a Project as a thumbnail for later reference
- Export any Resource within a Project for use
- Drag-and-drop to quickly add entire Projects right into Depot
- Dark mode, light mode, whatever you like
- Favorites so you can easily find .. your favorites.
- Search, and filter

Download on the Mac App Store


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