PDF Scissor

PDF Scissor

PDF Scissor


Shi Xu 

PDF Splitter is a utility app which has one straight forward purpose: Split the pages of a PDF file and generate a new PDF file.

The typical workflow of this app is simply made up of 3 steps:
- Import your PDF file(s) from other apps or locations.
- Split the PDF file(s) in this app (generating a new PDF file).
- Export or save your split PDF file(s) to other apps / locations.

Currently supported platforms: iOS (iPhone), iPadOS (iPad) and macOS. Purchase once, run everywhere.

- 3 Split modes: Vertical, Horizontal and Cross.
- Extra options: Parity page symmetry or single page splitting.
- Keep outlines in the split PDF file.
- Easy drag & drop to import/export PDF files.

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