Prodigal Son

Prodigal Son


Gregg Hurwitz 

When the stakes are this high, even a one-man army like Evan Smoak (a.k.a. Orphan X) is bound to feel the pressure. The star of Gregg Hurwitz’s long-running high-tech thriller series—who’s just been granted a very off-the-books presidential pardon—has retired from both black-ops government work and private-sector rough justice. But then he’s called on by someone he can’t refuse: his own mother. This is the woman who should have raised him…if he hadn’t instead been trained from childhood to be an expert killer. Understandably, her appearance in his life causes an emotional roller coaster that jeopardizes the mission. Prodigal Son doesn’t skimp on action (or on Evan’s trademark gadgets!), but the family tension adds intriguing new dimensions to Hurwitz’s white-knuckle franchise. Scott Brick’s intense narration turns up the drama as Smoak mends fences with people who’ve been out of his life for decades. This mission could finally close an important chapter in Orphan X’s turbulent journey—if he manages to survive.

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