Watch Her Fall

Watch Her Fall


Erin Kelly 

Who knew a story set in the world of ballet could turn out to be a thriller about identity theft and undocumented labor? Nikolai Kirilov, the director of the London Russian Ballet, has groomed his daughter, Ava, to be a perfect ballerina, but as the company’s production of Swan Lake approaches, she starts to crack under the pressure. Author Erin Kelly grounds us in the reality of mounting a professional dance, describing ripped ligaments, torn toenails, and extreme dehydration in such vivid detail that we were ready for a salt bath ourselves. As the desperate actions of an undocumented Ukrainian refugee alter the lives of everyone involved, Kelly’s story takes many unexpected turns, which are wild but completely believable. Narrator Imogen Church’s breathy delivery turns up the tension even more. If you’ve ever wanted to read Gone Girl set in the world of Black Swan, you’ll love this suspenseful story of three damaged people trying to make their way.

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