BOOK ∙ 2021

T. J. Newman 

The question at the center of this heart-pounding thriller is simple. Who would you allow to die: three members of your family, or 150 strangers? When terrorists break into the home of pilot Bill Hoffman, holding his wife and two children hostage with suicide bombs strapped to their chests, he navigates this ultimatum...from 35,000 feet up. Jumping off from this frightening premise, former flight attendant T. J. Newman crafts a tightly wound thriller that’s packed with insider knowledge of the cockpit and true-to-life jargon. The story shifts back and forth from the air to the ground, where FBI agents try to save Bill’s family. Like a trick plane, Falling darts and turns, surprising us with each suspenseful curve and keeping us white-knuckled for the entire wild trip.

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