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mayk inc 

Now you can sing or rap, auto-tune your voice and add beats! mayk is not another auto-tune singing or rap app. It's a great way to find community, friends, and cultivate your own sound. mayk can also be used to add songs to your favorite photo and video editing apps. You now have an all-in-one music recorder, editor and singing machine with voice fx in your pocket. Welcome to the fastest way to make songs in the 21st century!

/studio: record your voice over a catalogue of free-to-use beats & change your voice
/charts. make songs and climb the charts to get the recognition you deserve
/vibecheck: you decide what’s a trash hit or smash hit
/home: join mixtape communities, challenges and get inspo from others
/tools: Need ideas? We gotchu! You can use a notepad or lyrics makers & add your twist
/editor: change the vibe of your sound & make it pop with fun gifs
/share: ride the charts and share your mayks on any social media

Are you ready to not take yourself too serious, be silly & pass the vibes check?
Welcome home. Have a good time!


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