Not a Happy Family


Not a Happy Family

BOOK ∙ 2021

Shari Lapena 

In Shari Lapena’s devilish mystery, the members of the wealthy Merton family are secretly delighted when a vicious crime hits close to home. Nasty patriarch Fred has been lording his success over his three kids: high-achieving Catherine, floundering Dan, and rebellious Jenna. Meanwhile, the siblings’ spineless mom, Sheila, and watchful housekeeper Irena sit silently by while vindictive aunt Audrey meddles behind the scenes. So when a double murder tears the family apart, everyone is a suspect. Not a Happy Family moves effortlessly between murder investigation and family melodrama, with Lapena letting the wild secrets and shocking revelations rip. Peppered with lots of razor-sharp dialogue and one fantastically chaotic funeral scene, the novel kept us guessing through every page. This deliciously tart read about rich-people problems is one of the most purely enjoyable mysteries we’ve read in a minute.

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