Baby Walker Jr Hands Simulator

 Baby Walker Jr Hands Simulator

Baby Walker Jr Hands Simulator

GAMES ∙ 2021

Waqas Majeed 

Let us welcome you to the brand new newborn simulator game of 2021; where you will see that a naughty junior performs multiple funny acts. How a clean home changes in a bad condition. He would be happy to break up the expensive grocery of the virtual house, and then his mother would be angry on the newborn junior. Now he waits for when the virtual mother will go out of the room for sleeping so he starts the funny acts. He notices that his virtual mother is sleeping in the bedroom. So he will go into the washroom open the water faucet. When the virtual mother finds out the washroom is overflow with full of water. Now she wakes up when she hear the sound of water goes to the washroom and stops the water faucet. When a real mother doing all this so newborn junior comes into the bedroom very quickly and make smile. The junior newborn picks a common pin and adjusts it in a mother bed. When she will come back into the bedroom for sleeping feel irritating.

** Key Features **
• Break a lot of expensive home appliances and make fun
• Amazing happy family simulator activities to do with happy family
• Be the best virtual real mother and take care of your newborn junior
• To do multiple junior naughty acts with a virtual family
• Fighting acts to do with his sister
• Awesome junior characters customization options for all newborn lovers

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