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Comix Breaker

 Comix Breaker

Comix Breaker

GAMES ∙ 2021

Mojito Games 

- COMIX BREAKER is a deckbuilding roguelike game optimized for the mobile platform
Defeat various monsters from comics with unique style

- There is no time to be bored
New comics are continuously updated,
and monsters evolve to get in your hair

- Find your unique card and snack combinations.
Discover combinations that will aid your progress
Make cards stronger or remove ones you don't need to
complete your deck!

- Collect various equipment and enhance them.
The monsters will fall at your feet!

- Use equipment cards!
Every equipment has unique cards.
Add them to enhance your deck and maximize synergy!

- Clear Competitive Mode faster than everyone else!
You will play a time-attack game with 5 opponents within a 20-minute time limit.
Win in the Competitive Mode, and gain the honor of the winner as well as huge rewards!

- Season system for your endless fun!
Every season brings new exclusive equipment, new
Competitive Mode snacks, new chapters, and new monsters
Play Competitive Mode to get season-exclusive rewards!

The Dev team welcomes any feedback you may have!
COMIX BREAKER is a game we seek to create along with our adventurers :)

Download on the App Store


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