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The Belize Bank Limited 

E-kyash is a fast and convenient solution to making digital payments and transfers in Belize.

Whether in store or online, E-kyash makes all payments instantaneously, all from the convenience of your mobile device. Need to send money across the country? No problem, E-kyash P2P transfers allows you to send to anyone is your address book with just a few taps.

Salary Deposits

E-kyash allows your employer to deposit directly to your wallet without the need to have a bank account. Using their existing salary payment method, they input your phone number directly into the account number field and process their salary. You will be instantly notified of your Salary Deposit.

Bill Payments

With over a 100 payees listed with bill payment service, you will always be able to get your bills paid on time. No need to stand in line at the Bank or at their place of business. From your E-kyash app, simply find the name of the Payee your would like to pay and input the details of the account you are paying. Remember to save as a ‘favorite’ so you can always initiate a payment quickly to your most used payees.

P2P transfers (Peer to peer)

Take the hassle out of sending money to anyone in the country. Whether right in front of you or all the way down in Punta Gorda, transfers to your family and friends are now instant and more convenient than ever before. Select the name of the person directly from your address book on your device and input the amount your want to send; the recipient will be instantly notified of your transfer.

In Store Payments

No need to carry a wallet or money every time you go to the store. E-kyash gives you access to your funds using your mobile device. Ask your favorite retailer if they accept E-kyash and look for the QR code when it is time to pay. Pay touch free by scanning their QR code with your device. No more digging through your purse money.

Online Payments
E-kyash allows you to transact online via website or social media channels using the My QR feature embedded in the app. Perform cash ins and cash outs to and from your wallet to retail operators located countrywide.

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