Merge Go

 Merge Go

Merge Go

GAMES ∙ 2021

LT Fun Inc. 

Dear explorer,

This is a fun adventure of mergers and eliminations and miracles of management! Merge Go will create an exclusive developmental gameplay experience for all collectors, eliminate the thrill of fun, and immerse yourself in the magic world! Drag cute monsters, three in one, five in two, fast advancement! In addition, all creatures on the entire island are waiting for you to help them synthesize and evolve! Abundant ways to break through levels, adventures, and alliances. You need to always use your strategy and courage. Come and challenge~

● Gameplay and Features

[Collect items and summon cute monsters]: The operation is simple and easy to use, slide your fingertips, and easily synthesize to upgrade successfully. Collection addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder, Virgo's favorite! The cute monsters can easily grow into ferocious behemoths and protect their beautiful homes~

[Mystery Level, Adventure Invasion]: Rich level terrain and scenes are unpredictable, and brain-burning puzzles are randomly triggered; occasionally go to other people's camps to explore and reap the spoils of unexpected visits.

[Hand-painted style, puzzle and leisure]: Smart cute monsters, cute painting style, instantly in the magical world; exquisite soundtrack, close to the game scene, the tension and entertainment atmosphere is just right; put aside your worries, immerse yourself in the home, relieve pressure and heal~

[Alliance battles, strike together bosses] :Join the alliance, fight side by side with your friends, and march towards greater wealth! Lead the strongest monsters under your command, challenge the evil bosses, and obtain rare resources; use your competitive strategy, cleverly arrange your troops, and win the final victory!

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