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OnCourse Connect

 OnCourse Connect

OnCourse Connect


OnCourse Systems For Education 

The OnCourse Connect app provides convenient mobile access to the OnCourse Connect student portal on your phone or tablet.

Students, parents and guardians can easily view grades, assignments, attendance, class schedules, school fees, student calendars and more. Manage push notifications of grade changes and other events. Parents and guardians can easily switch between multiple student accounts to stay up to date on all their students.

If your district uses the OnCourse Classroom Learning Management System (LMS), the Connect mobile app integrates with the OnCourse Classroom mobile app so students can submit work, message teachers and more via their mobile device.

Your school district must be using the OnCourse Student Information system for you to access the OnCourse Connect app. An OnCourse Connect account login is required to use this application. Contact your school or district for more information.

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