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Pregnant Mother Pregnancy Life

 Pregnant Mother Pregnancy Life

Pregnant Mother Pregnancy Life

GAMES ∙ 2021

Adeel Ahmad 

Start playing this pregnant mom along with fps game-play that will give you more fun. Learn how virtual mother spend their pregnancy time in the dream home and look after their health. She take the tough tasks in your virtual life and manages the all dream family sim daily task. There are only a few tasks, which include cleaning the house, washing your family's clothes, and cooking for your family in this amazing game of pregnant mom. After a few days, the girls became unwell and went to the clinic for regular checkup. The virtual doctor tell the husband that his wife is pregnant. She is very happy when hear the news of pregnancy. Now virtual doctor gives the diet plan to the newly pregnant mother and also give precaution how to take care of them.

** Main Features **
• Regularly checkup of virtual mother along with 3D graphics and cut-scenes
• Medical care center for pregnant mom regular checkup
• Smooth and easy control
• Eat good food during the pregnancy period

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