Real Estate Empire Builders

 Real Estate Empire Builders

Real Estate Empire Builders


Capital Partner DALLAS BUYERS LLC 

Real Estate Empire Builders is a social community built around helping people start, build & scale real estate businesses.

Our major focus is wholesaling, but we touch on all topics. We provide free trainings, a free course, free events, and interactive communities to help educate everyone—no matter the level they’re currently at.

By joining, you’ll be able to:
- Download free resources
- Network and chat in real-time with like-minded individuals, including our coaches
- Ask questions and attend RSVP for Q&As with experts
- Exchange tips, ideas, and strategies for how to successfully build your real estate business
- Access optional hands-on business building mentorship and courses (with no requirement to purchase!)

Whether you’re a newbie, seasoned wholesaler, or someone who is just curious about wholesaling real estate or investing in general, this is a community you’re guaranteed to benefit from.

This community was founded by Hamza Ibrahim. Paul McComas is also one of the primary coaches in the program.

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