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The Love Songs of W.E.B. Du Bois


The Love Songs of W.E.B. Du Bois


Honoree Fanonne Jeffers 

Experience the history of America—and the country’s legacy of racism—through one family’s powerful saga. For as long as she can remember, Ailey Pearl Garfield and her older sisters have left the city to spend summers with their country relatives in Georgia. As Ailey grows up, she begins to notice the dark undercurrents of those idyllic summers, eventually coming to terms with a legacy of secrets, violence, and shame that have shaped her family. In her debut novel, acclaimed poet Honorée Fanonne Jeffers weaves together past and present storylines into an epic that draws you fully into its orbit. Spanning from the beginning of the slave trade to the first Obama campaign, Jeffers’ book follows multiple generations of one family, exploring their dramas, strength, and love. Primary narrator Adenrele Ojo perfectly captures the incantatory, poetic force of Jeffers’ language as the story moves across generations. She’s ably supported by multitalented actress Karen Chilton, who relays the stories of Ailey’s ancestors with the wise affect of your favorite teacher, and Prentice Onayemi, who intones quotes from Black scholar and activist W.E.B. Du Bois with grave intensity. This unforgettable and uniquely American epic isn’t just the story of one family—it’s the story of how our country was created, and its sins and salvations ever since.

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