Apples Never Fall


Apples Never Fall

BOOK ∙ 2021

Liane Moriarty 

Liane Moriarty’s clever mystery is packed full of the brilliant twists and comic touches we’ve come to expect from the author of Big Little Lies. Empty nester Joy Delaney and her irritable husband, Stan, are newly retired and pretty bored. When a troubled young woman shows up at their doorstep in need of help, Joy happily eschews her illness-related podcasts to offer the girl some help. Weeks later, Joy goes missing, leaving the Delaneys’ four grown children in a bind. If they report their mom’s disappearance, the police will surely think their father did it—because maybe he did. Moriarty made us laugh out loud with her portrayal of the family dysfunction at the heart of the story, from Joy’s description of “Stan-splaining” to the couple’s arguments about what “streaming” actually means. Part domestic thriller and part witty suburban comedy, Apples Never Fall is a blast to read. 

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