Bewilderment: A Novel


Bewilderment: A Novel

BOOK ∙ 2021

Richard Powers

Pulitzer Prize winner Richard Powers gives us a gorgeous novel centered on the relationship between a father and son and universal themes of love and grief. After his wife dies, Theo—an astrobiologist and newly single father—sets off on an incredible journey, navigating uncharted territory with his sensitive, apprehensive son, Robin. Theo draws on their shared passion for the cosmos to come up with dazzling bedtime stories full of descriptions of dreamed-up landscapes. Meanwhile, the grieving Robin becomes increasingly disturbed and violent, and experimental neurofeedback therapy may be his only hope. Powers takes us on an unforgettable journey, offering wise insights into the surfaces of fascinating new planets and the beautiful, complex topography of family relationships. Bewilderment is a deeply intimate tale that pierces the heart and ignites the imagination.

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