Puzzle Games for Toddler&baby

 Puzzle Games for Toddler&baby

Puzzle Games for Toddler&baby

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Agu Educational Technology Limited 

Welcome to Agu World! Our app for kids & pre-k was developed by early learning experts to make screen time fun & useful at the same time!

Agu World Combination of education and game was designed to boost your child’s creativity, problem solving skills, attentiveness, logical thinking ability, improve fine motor skills, ABC knowledge and develop other essential skills.

•Loved by kids: math,Logic ,story and English learning kids find engaging.
• 100% safe and ads free environment
• The game is ads free, so no pop-up will interrupt the game or cause your worries.

By subscribing to Agu World you can be sure that the app will only get better: there is a whole team of professionals behind Agu World to make children’s games more engaging, useful, fun, create and upload more and more content with every app update.

We continuously work on improvement of our learning apps, so don’t hesitate to subscribe now and get even more educational games in upcoming updates!

Sincerely yours, Agu Team

We value every subscriber and your opinion and feedback is priceless, so do not hesitate to share it, and be sure it will be heard.

contact us:service@aguwork.com
Privacy Policy: https://aguedu.com/privacy
Terms of Service:https://aguedu.com/terms

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