Sakura High School Girl Life

 Sakura High School Girl Life

Sakura High School Girl Life

GAMES ∙ 2021

Syed Muhammad Bilal 

Let's start to play this brand new addition of anime school girl along with amazing high school life days adventure. Minako Yoshikazu is the main character of this high school girl. Be the part of this yandere school girl and show your anger to the new student that are unintentionally clash with you. Ken Katashi is hurry to attend their class. Minako Yashikazu is female character and have anger on Ken Katashi to take revenge. Hey you're late from the class hurry up go to the class otherwise teacher punish you. Sneak from the teacher and crouch on the floor to dodge the virtual school teacher.

** Key Features **
• Amazing sakura high school characters with yandere tasks to accomplish
• Be the anime school girl and take sneak walk to reach your classroom
• Multiple sakura school tasks to do
• Amazing cut-scenes and story line that will entertain you

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