Better Off Dead


Better Off Dead

BOOK ∙ 2021

Lee Child & Andrew Child

In this Jack Reacher thriller set in the desolate Arizona desert, danger lurks around every corner. Like, even more than usual. After stumbling upon a strange car crash involving a mysterious female military vet, our drifting vigilante hero gets caught up in a quest to stop a paranoid crime boss. Sibling authors Lee and Andrew Child turn this setup into a tense cat-and-mouse game, artfully building up the suspense as Reacher makes some bold moves to entrap his target. With its gunfights and psychological twists—not to mention the bleak, hard-edged border town setting and the seedy, secretive characters who live there—Better Off Dead is a true page-turner. If the Tom Cruise movies have piqued your curiosity about this long-running series, this is a perfect place to dive in. 

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