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Dancing in the Rain


Dancing in the Rain

BOOK ∙ 2021

Kelly Jamieson

Failure isn’t getting knocked down. It’s not trying to get back up again.
Drew Sellers had everything a successful hockey career offered: the hot wife, the huge house, superstar fame. Now he’s alone, rattling around his empty life like the beer bottles in his recycling bin. Until a near-perfect stranger drops a bomb.
Drew has a 12-year-old daughter he never knew about. Her mother is dying. And her only remaining family, “Auntie P”, looks at him like she knows exactly what he is: a washed-up winger with a bum knee and zero parenting skills.
Between her demanding job, her sister’s illness, and her frightened niece, Peyton Watt has enough on her plate without Drew underfoot—an unemployed ex-jock who spends too much time drinking and living in the past.
Drew’s definitely no father of the year, but as time passes, Peyton witness the re-emergence of the qualities that made him a star athlete—a man rising to the challenge. A man getting up one more time than he’s knocked down.
A man who’s remembering what it’s like to win—especially her heart.
Note: This title was previous published. There have been no significant changes from its original version.

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