Mushroom Identifier: Fungi ID

 Mushroom Identifier: Fungi ID

Mushroom Identifier: Fungi ID


Vira Uvarova

Find out the name of any mushroom in one click. Take a photo or load a photo of a mushroom from your gallery and get an answer right now! The app uses artificial intelligence technology to identify mushrooms.
Learn more about nature and the world around you!
Just picture this: you're walking and suddenly you see a mushroom. Is it edible or poisonous? You just need to open the application and take a photo of the mushroom and you instantly get all useful information. Sometimes the application can give false results. Do not eat mushrooms if you are not absolutely sure that it is edible.
Also, you can find a lot of useful information, just open and read the articles. How to Store Edible Mushrooms? How to Dry Mushrooms Indoors? You can find the answers to this and much more in the application.

Main feature:
- Identify any mushrooms instantly;
- Take or upload a photo of a mushroom;
- Get accurate information about mushrooms;
- Create your own collection;
- Many helpful articles;
- Enjoy a beautiful design!

Get outside and look for new mushrooms!

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