Coinchange – Earn & Buy Crypto

 Coinchange – Earn & Buy Crypto

Coinchange – Earn & Buy Crypto

FINANCE ∙ 2021

Coinchange Financials Inc

Introducing Coinchange - a platform to earn yield and trade cryptocurrencies. Deposit your USD or crypto to earn compounding returns (over 15% APY). Earn rewards in USDT, USDC and more.

Has DeFi and cryptocurrency got your interest? Don’t just hold crypto... earn more! Deposit your crypto coins into a Coinchange wallet to earn over 15% more annually through yield farming. Use your USDT to earn more USDT, use your USDC to earn more USDC. More coins are added regularly, including BTC and ETH coming soon.

Coinchange uses algorithms and complex data models to earn returns through liquidity-provisioning, staking and other methods made possible by blockchain technology.

Withdraw any time directly from your High Yield Account to USD. Coinchange charges no spread fees, no deposit fees, no withdrawal fees, no transfer fees and no hidden fees.

Join Coinchange from the app or website register to start earning returns right away.

Coinchange offers simple trading to invest in more crypto. We have smart order routing to provide the best price and execution based on an aggregated order book from multiple exchanges. Plus, we hold prices for 4 seconds so you can be sure you’re getting the price you see. And of course, Coinchange has no fees for trading!

Coinchange Features:
- Automated yield farming generates yield that is impossible to achieve manually - Compounding earnings – over 15% APY
- $40 sign up bonus
- Market neutral earnings – don’t bet on the market, earn returns through yield
- One-click investing from USD or crypto. Withdraw or deposit directly from USD
to your favourite crypto coins.
- Risk-hedging for low-risk, high-yield returns
- $40 Referral bonus for inviting friends to Coinchange

Our mobile app will be updated regularly, with new features and improvements suggested by our community. Follow us on social media @coinchangeio to tell us your ideas!

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