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Holsom: Conversation Starters

 Holsom: Conversation Starters

Holsom: Conversation Starters



Holsom is perfect for every occasion, from hangouts, first dates, road trips, parties, friendsgivings, girls nights, date nights with your partner, hangouts with the boys, and more! Whatever the setting, you will find great conversation questions and prompts for every event. On the Holsom app, you will find different decks to help you build deeper relationships.

Some of our conversation starter decks include -
- Deep Stuff - 50 prompts to cut through the fluff and get to know one another on a whole 'nother level.
- Funny Bone - 50 fun and light-hearted prompts to get the ball rolling.
- 36 Questions to Fall in Love - Based on the NY Times article and the Experimental Generation of Interpersonal Closeness study by psychologist Arthur Aron.
- Dating - 50 prompts that are best played for first dates and relatively new relationships.
- Couples - 50 prompts to embrace vulnerability with your significant other.
- Introspection - 50 prompts to share life experiences and wisdom.
- Hypotheticals - 50 fun and hypothetical scenarios that'll have you thinking way outside the box.

More and more unique decks will be added as Holsom grows. Each deck has a collection of prompts and two of our decks are available for free. No subscriptions here folks, each deck is $1.99 and you get to keep them forever.

Turn your favorite prompts into your own custom decks with collections. Once you own a deck, every question will be able to be added to your library of collections.

Great conversations are the key to any great relationship. Get to know your loved ones on a whole ‘nother level with Holsom.

Build deeper relationships with epic conversations using the Holsom app!

Do you have any feedback for our app? Please feel free to send us an email at with your suggestions.
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