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It Happened One Summer


It Happened One Summer

BOOK ∙ 2021

Tessa Bailey

A spoiled It girl and a grizzled sea captain make a perfect pair in this delightful rom-com. Piper Bellinger is a paparazzi’s darling, but after an ill-conceived stunt, her stepfather sends her away from Hollywood to learn some responsibility. Piper’s tasked with running a dive bar in rural Washington state, which is as bad as it sounds. Her apartment has mice, and the bar is full of townies—such as brutally hot, infuriatingly rude sailor Brendan Taggart. Best-selling author Tessa Bailey toggles between Piper and Brendan’s points of view, cleverly using humor and hindsight to show us how their unexpected attraction grows. As Brendan’s prejudice against Piper starts to thaw—and Piper realizes that she’s more than just a shallow fashionista—Bailey turns up the heat. Unabashedly silly and fun, It Happened One Summer is exactly the kind of thing to read on a lazy day.

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