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Apple Configurator for iPhone makes it easy to assign any Mac with the T2 Security Chip or Apple silicon to your organization in Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager so that you can take advantage of Automated Device Enrollment.

Once signed into Apple Configurator with your organization Managed Apple ID with the Device Enrollment Manager role, you can provide a network configuration to the Mac by sharing the iPhone’s network configuration or by choosing a configuration profile to install on the Mac.

To assign a Mac to your organization, bring the iPhone running Apple Configurator near a Mac showing the country picker in Setup Assistant and scan the image or manually enter the six-digit PIN. After the Mac is assigned to the organization, it appears in an ‘Added by Apple Configurator’ MDM server placeholder in Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager; the Administrator or Device Enrollment Manager can then assign it to an MDM server for Automated Device Enrollment. The status button in Apple Configurator provides a report of devices which have already been assigned to your organization.

When a device has been assigned and enrolled in this way, it behaves like any other device enrolled using Automated Device Enrollment, including mandatory supervision and MDM enrollment. The only difference is that the user has a 30-day provisional period to remove the device from the organization, supervision, and MDM.

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