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Owlet Baby Care Inc.

Dream App:

Sleep-deprived parents need not despair: the Owlet Dream App from the award-winning baby monitor company delivers better sleep for the whole family. Owlet Dream App, in conjunction with the Owlet Dream Sock, Owlet Dream Duo, and Owlet Cam provides the most comprehensive look at your baby’s sleep experience and gives you everything you need to develop a healthy sleep foundation for you and your baby. Combining sleep quality data from the Dream Sock, HD video and readings on your baby’s sleep environment from the Owlet Cam, the Owlet Dream App provides real-time insights to help your child sleep better. In addition, the Owlet Dream App provides weekly tips and a customized sleep program to support your parenting journey.

Compatible Products:

Owlet Dream Sock
Owlet Cam
Owlet Dream Duo (Owlet Dream Sock and Owlet Cam)

Disclaimer: Owlet products are not medical devices. They are only intended to assist you in tracking Baby’s well-being and do not replace you as caregiver.

Privacy Policy: https://owletcare.com/pages/privacy

Owlet Awards:

CES Innovation Awards - Software/Mobile Apps Honoree 2020 (Dream Lab)
IoT Breakthrough Awards – Sleep Monitoring Solution of the Year 2019
CES Innovation Awards – Software/Mobile Apps Honoree 2018

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Dream App: Owlet Baby Care, Inc.

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