FINANCE ∙ 2022

Navid AslanKhani

The EwanoCash is a free personal finance application that helps you track your budgets in several ways and makes you manage your spendings better.

* Store each transaction as you spend with no need for an internet connection.
* See your balance and transactions.
* Add and remove your entries on any dates easily.
* Search through all of your transactions in a year.
* View your every income, outcome, and total summary on beautiful charts based on the amount of money and days in a month, separated by the number of month window.
* See your total spending and total income results
* Explore your saved entries in month and year

* You can save your transactions with the following information: 
1. Whether it is outcome or income.
2. Transaction title
3. Date of transaction
4. Amount of money you get or spend by this transaction.

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